I have been waiting patiently since last March when it was published in Russian, but after over a year now I still have heard no word since about this book or its english translation.


Last summer Dr. Leo, the editor of the english series, cancelled all his late summer and fall RCS workshops and I assumed he was working on the translation of "Anasta" - the 10 book, named after Anastasia and Megre's second child and daughter. But I have not yet heard anything.


I just emailed www.ringingcedars.com, www.ringingcedarsofrussia.org, www.sourceoflife.ca and Vladimir Megre's secretary and hope that by contacting all of you and contacting all of these websites, we can get an answer to this question.


THANK YOU and super blessings!



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I read that there are problems between Vladimir and Leonid.

on http://vmegre.com/en/books/ it says, "Please note that English translation rights are available. We invite publishers for cooperation."



also see my post



I would love for someone to find a publisher to publish the last book. preferably someone that would translate chelovek to Human instead of Man

AWERSOME - I just looked at both links and am excited to get my computer back from being fixed so that i can commit to reading this book through google translator!!!

haha! thank you!

I just ordered a Anasta book from Russia from Yuri. It should arrive in the mail in 3 weeks. :) have you read Anasta through the google translator yourself?


Thank you!







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